10 Things Women Want Immediately After Giving Birth. But They Never Ask

Things Women Want Immediately After Giving Birth

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While giving birth is beautiful, many people forget about the mother’s needs at that moment. Women are usually afraid to ask these things because they feel that they’d be too demanding. For some mothers, it just might be for the sake of some amount of normalcy after all the chaos.

1. The ‘Freebies’

The ‘Freebies’

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Every hospital room is packed with these ‘freebies’ after birth. The list is huge from measuring tape and diapers to nasal aspirators and pacifiers. Hospitals usually give it to the family post birth. Many mothers have stated that although irrational, they wanted to keep these things and felt uncomfortable to ask if they could.

2. Help

It doesn’t matter if this is your first child or your fifth, everyone needs some help after having a baby. Mothers post labor often complain of disorientation- this could be due to the change in their bodies physically and mentally. Another factor is that every baby is different. Asking for help as to what to do next seems scary and illogical for most. In reality, maybe a little more time with the nurse, asking questions and guidance could go a long way.

3. More Time With Lactation Consultants

More Time With Lactation Consultants

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Lactation consultants are available for mothers to help with breastfeeding the new born baby. Many mothers don’t realize that they can request for more time with these consultants. They also feel that their time with them is ‘limited’ and refrain from asking many questions which will be helpful for them. It is perfectly normal to not be able to breastfeed properly during your initial moments with your newborn. Just relax and make inquiries for both you and the baby to be comfortable.

4. Stronger Pain Meds

Stronger Pain Meds

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Labour is painful. Post labor pain, the exhaustion is tremendous. Most doctors and nurses prescribe painkillers based on what they assume the pain threshold of the mother. However, if the pain is too much for you to handle, just request a stronger dosage. Being shy or uncomfortable isn’t going to help you if you’re in pain.

5. Some Sleep

Some Sleep

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Labor is a long and hard process. After all the pushing and pain you deserve a break. The worry of being labeled as irresponsible and selfish shouldn’t be the reason for you to be sleep deprived. A simple request to take your baby to the nursery can help you and the baby in many ways.

6. The Baby To Sleep In The Nursery

The Baby To Sleep In The Nursery

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You just went through labor after carrying a life in your body for nine months. If anyone deserves to rest and relax at this point, it is you! The fear of being judged as incompetent is high in most mothers and this request of taking the newborn to the nursery is hardly done. If you do feel very uncomfortable, just call your nurse or family member and ask them to make the request as you would like to sleep or rest for some time.

7. A Constant Supply Of Food

Food cravings stay on for some time post birth. Don’t hold back and eat hospital food for the sake of being uncomfortable of asking. Whether it is a deep dish pizza or ice cream, all you have to do is ask.

8. Someone To Take Photos

While friends and family come in to see you and your newborn, sometimes a picture is all it takes to capture the initial moments. After all, you won’t ever have them with your child again. Just ask your nurse or a friend to take your pictures during these special moments as they are rare and precious. You won’t regret it later.

9. To Be Held And Comforted

The hormones and fatigue following labor is hard. You can go from laughing to crying in a split second. This experience is its own ball game. Mention to your significant other or a friend that this is what you need because ultimately this moment is all about you and the change you are going through.

10. Me Time

Post birth, sometimes we just want to breathe and take in what’s happened. Just make the request confidently and remember you won’t be judged.

Remember, these moments are only about you, your baby and your significant other. Do not be shy or uncomfortable about it; you deserve to be pampered and loved after what you’ve gone through.

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