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Should You Spank Your Child

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From that tiny little baby who seemed to be dependent on you for practically everything, to a fast growing active young child – the transition can be wonderful to watch. But as your kid is now starting to understand and adapt to his surroundings, you may need to introduce him to some rules and help him understand the ways of life, which can, at times, prove to be a daunting task.

At times, you may even want to resort to strict measures when it comes to handling your kid. But is it really a good choice? Keep reading to know more about spanking children as a method of parenting.

Should You Spank Your Child?

To put it simply, it is not at all okay if kids getting spanked. Growing children can prove to be quite difficult to deal with at times – they may throw tantrums and act aggressively in response to a situation they don’t really like, and as a parent, you may want to bring the situation under control as quickly as possible.

However, spanking might not really do the trick. Infact, it may cause the situation to worsen. Experts are of the opinion that spanking does not have any long term benefits for the child. On the contrary, it only increases aggression in children.

Also, spanking your child will have an impact on his mental health and possibly increase his risk of engaging in criminal behavior in the future (1).

The Downside Of Physical Abuse:

Spanking is a form of physical abuse, and studies have revealed that physical abuse can have negative impacts on the child, particularly his mental health. A team of researchers from the University of Canada conducted a study and found that individuals who are physically abused tend to have a higher risk of being affected by mental health conditions such as depression, anxiety and other personality disorders.

Infact, as much as 7% of mental disorders were found to be linked to physical punishment (2).

Another study has found that spanking could possibly slow down cognitive development in children, and increase their chances of demonstrating antisocial and criminal behavior (3).

To add to that, a paper published by Cornell University has strongly advised parents to refrain from spanking their children or employing any other form of physical abuse. Infact, spanking can seriously damage healthy parent-child relationships, which is essential for the proper development of the child (4).

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Rules Of Good Parenting:

Raising kids can be the toughest job on earth, but it can also turn out to be one of the most fulfilling ones. Following a few simple tips and tricks can help you co-ordinate better with your child, develop a mutual understanding, and reduce your need to be tempted to resort to physical measures.

  • Teach your child to be disciplined and set limits to help him learn self control.
  • Catch him being good and reward him for it- avoid criticizing your child more often than complimenting him.
  • Make time for your kid. Give him your undivided attention and set out some time alone with him to bond with him. A lot of kids tend to act out mostly because they’re seeking attention from their parents.
  • Set a good example. Your activities are continuously watched by your child, so make sure you exhibit feelings of kindness, tolerance, honesty and respect if you are hoping to find them in your child too.
  • Be flexible. Don’t be too strict with your child- it is okay to go a little beyond the normal and allow your child to get the thrill of it.
  • Love your child, and make sure he knows it (5).

Following these simple tips will surely help you establish a healthy parent child relationship that you will cherish for the years to come.

We hope this article gave you an insight into how kids being spanked is a bad parenting move. Do you have any trick that worked in keeping your child in control? Let us know in the comments box below.

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