How To Avoid Pregnancy After One Month?

2 measures to prevent pregnancy after the 1 month

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As much as a joy a planned pregnancy can turn out to be, an unplanned pregnancy can be equally stressful. Though you might have tried to protect yourselves by taking birth control pills, there are chances you miss them sometimes. Perhaps, in the nick of the time, you may worry about how to stop pregnancy after 1 month. There are also times when your body cannot support the healthy growth of a fetus. Thus, the doctor may have to take a tough decision. It may become necessary to terminate the pregnancy.

Stopping pregnancy or abortion is an early measure to prevent a pregnancy. If you want to know how to avoid pregnancy after one month or at any time in the first trimester, you can opt for either a medical or surgical abortion. The medical abortion involves taking medicines to prevent pregnancy. The other type is surgical abortion, which uses a surgical method to remove pregnancy.

1 Month Pregnancy Abortion – What Will Happen?

Medical Abortion: You can opt for a medical abortion in the initial 9 weeks of pregnancy. Doctors use a pill mifepristone to block the progesterone hormone that is essential during pregnancy. It causes thinning of the uterus wall lining.

The procedure: In the abortion procedure, you need to visit your Gynecologist at least 3 times. The first dose of medicine is mifepristone. You are supposed to go back to the doctor after a few days for the second dose of the medicine called misoprostol. This medicine causes contractions in the uterus and leaves it empty. The abortion can lead to bleeding that would continue for about 13 days. Spotting and light bleeding continues for several weeks. You need to visit your doctor again to ascertain whether the medicine worked to terminate one month pregnancy.

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Surgical Abortion: This abortion procedure takes place in the clinic. Surgical method prevents pregnancy after one month or more by removing the lining of the womb. There are again two types of procedures: MVA (Manual Vacuum Aspiration) and D&E (Dilatation and Evacuation).

The Procedures: Both the procedures use suction method to stop the pregnancy. MVA uses a hand-held surgical tool to empty the womb whereas D&E method uses suction machine and tools. You can go for MVA during the initial 12 weeks of pregnancy. And D&E can be done only after one month of pregnancy and before the 13th week of pregnancy ends.

Whatever is the surgical abortion procedure, it doesn’t take longer than 5 to 10 minutes. You will get a soothing medicine around the cervical opening to make your womb numb. The doctor will insert a tube and stretch open the cervix, your uterus will be emptied through the suction tube.

How Painful It Is To Terminate Pregnancy After One Month?

Medical Abortion: Medical abortion is like a bad menstrual period accompanied by diarrhea, severe cramps and stomach upset. Lately, you may experience lighter bleeding that may continue for one to two weeks. These are normal symptoms that you will experience after the procedure. However, you should get it into the doctor’s picture when any one of the following things happen:

  • Heavy bleeding that requires at least 2 sanitary pads an hour.
  • Fever that is above 100 degree Farheinit.
  • Severe pains and cramps even after taking painkillers.

Surgical Abortion: You will suffer from severe menstrual cramping after you go for surgical abortion. Doctors will prescribe medicines to help with the pain and may ask you to rest at home. Light bleeding may continue off and on for nearly one week.

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Are These Methods Effective In Preventing Pregnancy?

Medical abortion with Mifepristone is about 97% effective in preventing the pregnancies. In case, the medicine fails to abort the fetus, you may have to go for surgical abortion. It works 99% of the time, but in case, if it fails, you need to go for a repeated surgical abortion.

How Safe Are One Month Pregnancy Abortions?

Both medical and surgical abortions are quite safe when performed by healthcare professionals. Serious complications occur rarely. But this does not have any effect on reducing woman’s ability to get pregnant again.

Medical abortion has been in existence since the late 1980’s in European countries and since 2000 in the U.S. It has at least 10 times fewer complications.

Surgical abortion is relatively a safer method that is being used for 40 years. The first 8 weeks of pregnancy is the safest period to go for termination. Even this procedure carries 10 times fewer complications.

Advantages Of Abortion Of One Month Pregnancy:

Medical Abortion: This procedure involves no anesthesia, medical tools or shots. It is a more natural kind of abortion that offers a feeling of miscarriage. It is the first option to consider for one month pregnancy abortion. You can be at home and get the treatment done.

Surgical Abortion: This procedure takes only a few minutes. Compared to the medical procedure, you can notice less bleeding. It requires a doctor’s intervention, and you need to be in the clinic. It can be done at any time during the first trimester, not necessarily after a month.

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Disadvantages Of Abortion Of 1 Month Pregnancy:

Medical Abortion: The pregnancy terminates within one to two days. You will suffer heavy bleeding and cramping that can last longer than with surgical abortion. It can only be done within a certain period, i.e soon after one month. It will not work in the later stages as in the surgical abortion.

Surgical Abortion: It is an invasive method that uses instruments through the cervical region. Pain medications and anesthetics that you take during the procedure may cause side effects. You require someone to accompany you for the surgical procedure.

Recovering From A Medical Abortion:

Well, most women recover rather quickly after an abortion, but it does differ for every woman. Most women recover within a few weeks, and many turn up to work also. Here are a few symptoms that you will notice after an abortion:

1. Bleeding:

Bleeding and cramping are quite common soon after a medical abortion. Though the abortion takes place within 4 to 5 hours, it is completed within 1 to 2 days. In some rare cases, it may take up to 2 weeks to prevent pregnancy after 1 month. Once the pregnancy terminates, the bleeding will continue to be heavy for one to two days as the uterus needs to heal. If the bleeding is heavier than what you normally experience, it is best to call your doctor or rush to one.

2. Pain:

Cramping is experienced by most women for about a week after an abortion. You can take over the counter painkillers after consulting your doctor. Also, hot compresses will help alleviate the pain.

3. Emotions:

After an abortion, most women feel relieved, but there can be feelings of sadness, relief, regret and guilt, and it is perfectly fine. These are temporary feelings, and you will surely get over them as soon as possible.

4. Rest:

You will return to your normal routine almost immediately after the abortion, but it is best to take one or two days to recuperate. You may feel a little tired and drained out so some rest will help you recover quickly.

5. Sex:

It is ideal to avoid sex for 1 to 2 weeks after an abortion. Also, fertility returns just after an abortion and hence make sure to use contraception every time you have sex.

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How To Speed Up Recovery After One Month Pregnancy Abortion?

You should follow the below some basic measures when you go for a surgical or medical abortion. Here is how you should take care of yourself:

  • Drink more fluids to hydrate yourself.
  • Eat healthy food and take vitamins.
  • Don’t take heavy stress work for few days.
  • Have enough amount of sleep and maintain healthy sleeping habits.
  • Do not exercise for at least 2 weeks after abortion.
  • Avoid swimming or tub baths for two weeks.
  • Avoid lifting heavy weights above 15 lbs. for more than 2 weeks.
  • Do not use any vaginal stuff like tampons, douches or sex for at least 2 to 4 weeks.
  • Avoid sex until you recover completely. Indulge in sex only when you are physically and emotionally fit and strong.

Points To Remember:

Here are some other pointers to remember when it comes to one month pregnancy abortion:

  • After you have terminated your pregnancy, keep yourself occupied to avoid any negative thoughts.
  • If you wanted the baby but had to terminate due to pregnancy complications, you should be gentle with yourself. You can recuperate fully and with the help of your doctor’s plan during your next pregnancy.
  • You should also talk to your family and particularly your partner about how you feel. Discussion will help you vent out the sad feelings and get back to normal life as soon as possible.
  • There could be some feeling of sadness and guilt even in your partner. Develop true intimacy to strengthen your bond. Be strong, this too shall pass, and you will find happier times are just around the corner.

Hope you liked our post on how to stop pregnancy after 1 month. It is up to you on what abortion procedure you would like to take. Also, a doctor’s consultation is always suggestible. Hope our post helps you clear up any fears about how to avoid pregnancy after 1 month. Also, share your views and experiences if any in the comment section below.

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  • Niharika

    Dear amp2618, if you both wish to terminate the pregnancy, then it would be wise to consult a gynecologist. Every case is different, so the medical condition of the woman is important too. A doctor may suggest medicines or injections that will safely help you and go through this procedure without any complications.

  • Niharika

    Hi Tanishq, if you both wish to terminate the pregnancy, then it is important to consult a gynecologist. Nothing should be done without a medical supervision, or it may lead to complications and endanger the health of your girlfriend. The above article states the methods to terminate an early pregnancy. Consult a doctor and look for a safe way to terminate the pregnancy.

  • Vishal

    I had sex with my partner on the 8th day of her periods and It’s 5 days past of her expected period. We both are worried if she got pregnant. Could you please suggest me to stop her pregnancy without surgical abortion since it is 35 days of her last period?
    It would be very helpful If you could advise me any medicine or pills to stop her pregnancy.

    • Niharika

      Hi Vishal, before coming to any conclusion, you can ask your partner to take a home pregnancy test. Also, look for other symptoms rather than just periods. Periods can also be delayed due to other reasons.

  • Niharika

    Hi Jude, if you have missed your periods and your home pregnancy test results are negative too, perhaps you will need to take a blood test as per your doctor or any other necessary tests. Do consult your gynecologist to know the reason of delayed or absent periods.

  • Niharika

    Hi Jimmy, it would be wise for you and your partner to consult a doctor.

  • Niharika

    Hi Manish, if you and your partner have mutually decided to terminate the pregnancy then it would be wise to consult a doctor who can examine the health condition of your partner and then take appropriate steps as suggested by the medical practitioner.

  • Kalpana Nadimpalli

    Hi Divya,

    If you and your husband want to get your pregnancy aborted, then it’s better to visit your gynecologist as soon as possible. Medical or surgical abortion, either ways you still have to visit the clinic for the procedure. Please do not take self-medication.

  • Kalpana Nadimpalli

    You can opt for a medical abortion. The medical abortion involves taking medicines to prevent pregnancy, this can be done in the initial 9 weeks of pregnancy. However, we suggest you to consult your doctor and follow her advice.

  • Kalpana Nadimpalli

    Hi Avi,

    Was the medicine taken upon doctor’s suggestion? We would suggest her not to go for self-medication. Though bleeding is common after medical abortion, but please consult a doctor and follow her advice.

  • Kalpana Nadimpalli

    Hi Nayna,

    You could get pregnant only when the implantation occurs. Most women begin to experience implantation symptoms, like breast tenderness, cramping, and spotting. If you have one or more of these symptoms, you could be pregnant.

  • Kalpana

    Hi Ume,

    If she has got her period, then there is no chance that she would be pregnant.

  • Kalpana

    Kabita, there could be other reasons for missed period. But to confirm, please ask your girl friend to go for a home pregnancy test to check her pregnancy.

  • Kalpana

    You can opt for a medical abortion in the initial 9 weeks of pregnancy or you could go for surgical abortion that takes place in the clinic after one month or more by removing the lining of the womb.
    Both kinds of abortion are painful which includes heavy bleeding and cramping.
    Please consult a doctor and follow his or her advice.

  • MomJunction

    Please take the home pregnancy test if check if she is pregnant. Then take a call accordingly.

    • Pranjul Singh

      I think c is pregnant bcs she is having vommit, and olready 4 days more than the normal periods

      • MomJunction

        Without taking the pregnancy test, there is no way to confirm pregnancy. Please confirm before and then take the next step.
        In any case, consult your doctor and follow her recommendation.

  • MomJunction

    If you had protected sex then there is no need to worry. In any case, ask here to take a home pregnancy test to confirm pregnancy.

  • MomJunction

    Hi Rosy,

    You can opt for a medical abortion in the initial 9 weeks of pregnancy. For the abortion procedure, you need to visit your Gynecologist. The abortion can lead to bleeding that would continue for about 13 days. Spotting and light bleeding continues for several weeks. And you need to visit your doctor again to ascertain whether the medicine worked to terminate one-month pregnancy.
    Take care

  • MomJunction

    There’s no way to detect pregnancy other than taking the home pregnancy test or a blood test. Please take a home pregnancy test.

  • MomJunction


    50 days late is way too long. She might be having an irregular cycle due to hormonal imbalance. Please get her checked by a gynecologist.

  • MomJunction

    The medicine used for abortion causes contractions in the uterus and leads to bleeding that would continue for about 13 days. Spotting and light bleeding continues for several weeks. You will have severe pains and cramps even after taking painkillers. However, there are no serious long-term complications.
    You need to visit your doctor again to ascertain whether the medicine worked to terminate one-month pregnancy.

  • MomJunction


    We suggest you consult a gynecologist and follow his/her recommendation.

  • momjunction

    You may wait for a week or so, and if the periods do not turn up, it is better to take a home pregnancy test. If you are sure about having a protected sex, not to worry since some hormonal changes, seasonal changes can also affect the cycle. It is always advisable to consult your doctor.