10 Interesting Alphabet Activities For Your Toddlers

alphabet activities for your toddlers

Alphabet activities can be the best way to teach and help your children recognize the alphabets.

There are many methods to teach them – you can start with the first letter of their name as they will show more interest in learning something about themselves. This will also help them recognize their own name.

Give Your Toddlers These Top 10 Alphabet Activities!

Do you feel that learning should be interesting and fun-filled? Then mix education and entertainment! Try these simple alphabet games/activities and have a great fun with your toddlers:

1. Create Your Own:

create your own

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You always buy alphabet books from the market. How is the idea of creating your own with the help of your little toddlers? Interesting, isn’t it?

  • All that you need is a notebook with blank papers.
  • You can also create one by collecting plain paper sheets and stapling them together.
  • Tell your children to find alphabets and corresponding pictures from old magazines or newspapers.
  • Cut and paste on each page.

2. On A Long Drive:

This is a great activity that can be carried out while on a long drive (of course when you are not wearing the driver’s cap!).

  • Pick up a letter randomly.
  • Tell your boy to find as many as possible on the billboards, hoardings, road indicators and so on.
  • The more he finds the more is the fun.

3. Learn By Singing:

learn by singing

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Toddlers love dance and music, and they love to sing along too!

  • Always start the day with an alphabet song. It is a song that has been played from ages.
  • You can create your own if there is enough creative juice in you. If not then take help from Internet.
  • Help your toddlers to prepare their own songs for specific letters.

4. The Memory Game:

the memory game

We know that children have an excellent memory. Now it is the time to get it tested with games.

  • Buy flashcards from the educational supply store or you can create your own.
  • There are two ways to play this game. Firstly, tell your toddlers to match lower and upper case letters.
  • Secondly, pick up letters with all capital letters and tell your toddlers to match with a lower case.

5. Bake The Alphabets:

There are readymade cookies available in the market in the shape of alphabets.

  • You can also make them at home using alphabet shaped cutters.
  • Store the cookies in an airtight box and let your toddlers ask for a particular alphabet.
  • You can play cookie games as well. Ask your toddlers to spell the correct spelling of a particular word you give them. If right, then offer them the right alphabet-cookie. Make sure you have these cookies in plenty!

6. Find The Photo:

Do you have a digital camera? If yes let the toddlers take as many snaps as they want while visiting the zoo, amusement park or any historic place.

  • Display the photographs on your laptop or desktop screen.
  • Pick up an alphabet and help your toddler find snaps of the place, animal or people starting with the selected alphabet. Each find gets one point.
  • Reward your darlings with their favourite ice creams or chocolate, for a change from their daily diet.

7. Play Alphabet Games:

You can pick up a category and ask your toddlers to segregate items starting from various alphabets, which belong to the category.

  • For example, ‘fruits’ category includes Apple, Orange, Banana, etc.
  • This game improves the ability of identifying letters.
  • It also improves skills of sorting and segregating.

8. B for Bingo:

It’s a twist to the classic game (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bingo_card) with alphabets. It is very entertaining and also improves word power.

  • You need to make the cards at your own and write alphabets on it.
  • Call out letters loudly and let your toddlers search for complete words, just like conventional Bingo.
  • Buy little prizes so that it becomes further exciting.

9. Alphabet Painting:

Time for the palette and brushes to make their appearance! Let the children draw painting of alphabets based on your hints.

  • Ask them to paint figures related to the alphabet or the alphabet itself.
  • This is a good chance for your darlings to learn some simple painting lessons!
  • Children can learn the nuances of water colours or crayon colouring through this activity.

10. The Magic Bag:

Select small objects that start with different alphabets, for e.g., car, pencil, book, key, etc.

  • First display all the items to your toddler, give him enough time to memorize the items.
  • Then drop them all in a bag.
  • Select an alphabet and ask your toddlers to find the items starting with the given alphabet just by feel.

These games are fantastic for developing verbal and sensory-motor skills. Also slowly try to supplement these activities with colorful books and see your children reciting, singing and sounding the alphabets.

Don’t forget to share your own ideas of alphabet activities in the section below!

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