20 Best And Fun Indoor Games For Kids Of All Ages

Indoor Games For Kids

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Has sudden rain or bad weather spoiled your kids’ plans of a fun day outside? Are they raring to go outdoors, and you are left wondering ‘what next’? Well, if you are stuck in a similar situation, why don’t you use some of our ideas on indoor games to play with kids to keep them entertained?

Scroll down to check out our recommendations for some fun and entertaining indoor games for kids. Here is our list of some fun and easy kids indoor games that will keep your kids entertained for hours:

20 Fun Indoor Games For Kids

1. Museum Statue:

Striking a pose and shifting quietly was never so much fun!

  • Make all the kids stand in the same room, which will serve as the ‘museum.’ One kid will be the ‘it’ and will have to leave the room, to return a count of 20.
  • In the meanwhile, the players will take up different poses and pose as museum statues. The ‘it’ will come in and look at the statues, as if in a museum, and act as a tourist.
  • The ‘statues’ can change position when the ‘it’ is not looking. If the ‘it’ spots them moving, the player joins the ‘tourist.’
  • Keep playing till only one statue is left. The remaining player will start as the ‘tourist’ from the next round.

2. Rumpelstiltskin:

Find it out and say the difficult word, but only once! A fun indoor games for kids!

  • One person has to be the ‘hider’ while the other players have to go into a different room.
  • In the meanwhile, the hider takes a piece of cloth and hides it in the room, making sure that a little bit of the cloth sticks out so that it is visible.
  • The other players can then come into the room and look around to spot the cloth. The rule is that the players cannot touch anything in the room.
  • Once a player spots the cloth, he has to shout out the word ‘Rumpelstiltskin’ without telling anyone else where the cloth is hidden.
  • All the players have to continue looking for the cloth and shout ‘Rumpelstiltskin’ when they spot it.
  • Once every player has ‘found’ the cloth, the player who found it first becomes the hider for the next round.

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3. How Did That Happen?

It is a fun indoor game for kids that will end in a different way from how it started out.

  • First, make all the kids sit down on the floor to form a circle.
  • One player will be the starter and will think of any random word, for example, ‘pencil.’
  • One the player has thought of the word; he has to whisper it into the ears of the player who is sitting on his right.
  • The player then has to think of another word that is associated with the original word. In this case, a word that could be associated with ‘pencil’ is ‘pen.’ The player will then have to whisper the new word into the ear of the player who is sitting to the right.
  • In this way, all the kids will take turns to think up of a new word till they reach the last player in the circle. In the end, all the kids will be left wondering how the change in the words happened.
  • To make it more fun, the kids can ask the last player to guess what the original word could have been, based on the associated words that were introduced.

4. Vroom:

Here is a fun game that is fast and does not involve cars or racing!

  • Make all the kids sit down together on the floor to form a big circle. Now select one player out of all who will start the game.
  • The player who will start the game has to say the word ‘Vroom’ to the player who is sitting next to him. The player could either be on the left side or on the right side.
  • The player has to say the same word, ‘vroom’, to one of the players sitting next to him. In this case also, the player can choose another player who is sitting either on the right side or the left. Alternatively, the player can also immediately make a sound as if a car is applying its brakes. If the player does make the brake sound, then the game will go back to the person who ‘vroomed’ them.
  • The game has to go back and forth till all players have had their turn.
  • The rule in the game is that while doing the ‘vroom’ sound or making the brake sound the players will have to keep their lips tightly closed. In case they cannot do so, and their teeth show, they will be out of the game.

5. As Easy As 1, 2, 3:

In this easy game, all you have to do is clap your hands!

  • Before you let your kids start this particular game, make sure you remove any clutter from the room or the floor.
  • One kid will have to become the first ‘listener’ and stand in the middle of the room with a blindfold on.
  • A different player will have to play as a scorekeeper and sit with a pen and paper.
  • Another player will then go to any part of the room and clap his hands.
  • The ‘listener’ will have to listen to the clap and point in the direction of the room where he thinks the clap came from.
  • In case the player who is playing as the ‘listener’ points in a wrong direction, one player who keeps the score will have to mark an ‘X’ against that player’s name on a sheet of paper.
  • In case the player who is playing the ‘listener’ points in the right direction, the player who keeps the score marks a ‘tick’ against that player’s name on a sheet of paper.
  • For ten tries, the player who is clapping has to go to different parts of the room and clap. Once ten rounds are up, the game will become harder.
  • The ‘listener’ will now also have to cover one ear, in addition to the blindfold, and guess the direction of the clap.
  • Each player gets a chance to be the ‘listener’ the ‘clapper’ and the ‘scorekeeper.’

6. Rainbow Room:

Let your kids enjoy this burst of color indoors with this fun game.

  • Make all kids stand together on the floor and form a circle. Only one player has to stand in the middle of the circle.
  • The player who is standing in the middle will have to call out the name of any color of his choice.
  • All the players in the circle will then have to run around in the room as fast as possible. Their aim is to try and find an object that is the same color as the one that the player in the middle called out.
  • The first person who gets the object with the mentioned color will win the round and stand in the middle of the circle for the next round.

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7. Treasure Hunt:

Let your kids try and look around for some treasures, right inside the room! An amazing indoor group games for kids!

  • One kid will be chosen as the one who will hide the treasure that the other kids have to find out. Make sure that the object is not too small so that the other players cannot locate it. On the other hand, the object should not be too big that any player can easily locate it without making too much effort.
  • The person who is hiding the treasure will have to use a pen and paper to make a simple map of the house. Next, the person will have to mark an ‘X’ in that part of the map on the paper where he has hidden the treasure.
  • The other players will have to check the map and go in search of the treasure. To make it fun, let the person who has made the map hold it and each player who wants to see it again has to come back and do so.
  • The person who finds the treasure the fastest will become the person who hides the treasure in the next round.

8. Doggy Doggy Where’s Your Bone:

Here is a fun game that is furry and funny.

  • For this game, your kids will need to use a toy bone.
  • The player who will begin the game has to hold the bone and sit on a chair. Next, make the person wear a blindfold.
  • All the other players have to sit down in a line behind the blindfolded player.
  • One player is chosen as the ‘it’ and does not have to be in the line. The ‘it’ will then say ‘Doggy Doggy where is your bone?’
  • One player from the line has to get up and take the bone from the person who is blindfolded. He can either hide it in any part of the room or hide it from himself.
  • The person who was blindfolded can now remove the blindfold and will have to search for the bone.
  • If the player is not able to find the bone he can then try and guess the player who had taken the bone to hide. If the guess is correct, the person who did take the bone will have to sit on the chair, while the earlier player will join the line.
  • In case the player is incorrect, the player is out, and the game will resume without him.

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9. Duck Duck Goose:

This is an easy indoor games for kids which your kid will love to play silly.

  • All the kids, except one, have to sit down on the floor and form a large circle. They all have to sit in such a way that their legs are crossed.
  • The player who did not sit in the circle has to play the role of the ‘goose.’
  • The goose will then walk around the circle and one by one tap each player on the head, saying the word ‘duck.’
  • At any point, the ‘goose’ will tap a player on the head and say the word ‘goose’ instead of saying the word ‘duck.’
  • The person who has been tapped as ‘goose’ by the ‘goose’ has to stand up and run immediately.
  • In the meanwhile, the person who was earlier the ‘goose’ has to try and run around the circle and reach the blank spot that has been vacated by the new ‘goose.’ Once he reaches there, he has to sit down in the new goose’s place.
  • The player who remains standing will have to take on the role of the ‘goose’ and begin the game all over again.

10. Ring A Ding Ding:

Let your kids play this game to find out what the ding dong is all about!

  • For this game, your kid will need a toy ring or something similar that can be used as a ring in the game.
  • One of the kids will be chosen as the player who will be the ‘ring hider.’ This is the person who will have to hide the ring from all the other players.
  • All the other players will be the ‘ring finders.’ They have to start finding the ring once the ‘ring hider’ hides it.
  • The ‘ring finders’ will have to leave the room so that the ‘ring hider’ can properly hide the ring. Once he hides the ring, the ‘ring finders’ can come in and start searching for the same.
  • The player who finds the ring will be the new ‘ring hider.’ If no player can find the ring, the ‘ring hider’ can show them the place and the game will start all over again.

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11. Snap Snap:

Here is a simple indoor games for kids in which your kids will not mind the slap.

  • For this particular game, your kids will need a deck of cards that you can help them to shuffle up properly.
  • Ask your kid to deal out all the cards amongst the players till no card is left.
  • All the players have to take then one card from their stack and put its face down in the middle of the table.
  • In case, double cards are placed, such as more than one person puts down a card with the same number, the players who put the cards out will try and slap it.
  • The player who slaps the cards first can then add it to their collection.
  • In case of a wrong slap, in which there is no match, the player who made the false slap will have to give away the top card from the deck to the other player.
  • Let the rounds continue till one player collects all the cards.

12. Deer Oh Deer:

The deer game will be quite fun to catch!

  • Before the game begins, the players have to discuss and decide on a category, for example, colors.
  • Ask all kids to sit down on the floor and make a circle.
  • One kid will be chosen as the one who will start the game. The first person to start the game always has to use the word ‘deer.’
  • The next player will have to come up with a color that starts with the last letter of the word spoken earlier, in this case, it is ‘r’ as the last letter of deer. The player can now say the color ‘dark pink’ for instance.
  • The game will continue with each player saying a color that starts with the last letter of the previous word used. Once someone cannot come up with any other new word, the game can start again with a new category, but the first word has to be ‘deer.’

13. Ming Mang Mong:

Will your kids be able to say it out loud, fast?

  • All the kids have to sit down together in a circle, and one player will be selected as the one who will start the game.
  • The first person has to say the word ‘ming’ and point to someone in the circle.
  • The person who has been pointed out as ‘ming’ will now have to point to someone else in the circle and say the word ‘mang.’
  • The third person who has been pointed out as ‘mang’ will now have to point fast to someone else in the circle and say the word ‘mong.’
  • The game keeps going in the same way till one kid cannot say the words correctly. This person will then get out of the circle and will become a judge, who will try to break the concentration of the others.

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14. Wobbly Broomstick:

Will your kids get dizzy playing this game? Find out now!

  • For this game, your kids will need a piece of tape and a stick.
  • Let your kids stick their piece of tape up on the ceiling and the stick a little distance away on the ground.
  • Next, the kids have to look up at the tape and spin round and round ten times, all the while looking at the tape.
  • Once they have finished spinning, they have to try and jump over their own stick.
  • Let your kids make some variations to decide a winner.

15. Spoons:

Let your kids find out why this game is called what it is called.

  • For this game, your kids will need spoons for each player except one and a stack of cards.
  • Keep the spoons at the center of the table at such a distance that each player can grab a spoon when required as per the game.
  • Each player will be given four cards from the deck, and the dealer will keep the remaining deck with him.
  • The dealer will then pick a card from the deck and hand it facedown to the player on his left. The player will take the card and add another card to it from his stack, keeping it face down. He will then again pass the cards to the player on his left.
  • All the players will have to shift cards in the same way to the person to their left as fast as they can. They also have to remember that they have to have four cards in their hand at all times, as they slip one off to the next player.
  • The objective of the game is to try and match the cards in such a way that the player has four matching cards in his hand. Once he does, he has to pick up one spoon from the middle of the table.
  • The player who will be left without a spoon at the end will lose the round.

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16. Hitchhiker:

So is this a hitchhiking game or a copycat one?

  • For this game, your kids will need one chair each for all the players.
  • Place the chairs in the room in such a way that it looks like the seats in a car.
  • One player will be the driver of the car while the other players will have to be the hitchhikers. All the hitchhikers will have to think of some funny personality traits, such as behaving like a cat, or acting like a teacher and so on.
  • The driver will pretend to drive the car and will pick up one hitchhiker. As the hitchhiker sits in the car, he will have to start acting out his personality trait. The driver will have to copy everything the hitchhiker is doing.
  • The driver will then have to pick up the next hitchhiker, and the player will have to play out his personality trait. All the other people in the car will have to copy the new hitchhiker.
  • Once the car is full, the hitchhikers will be dropped off one by one, and the players will have to copy the actions in a reverse way.

17. Pin The Tail:

Here is a fun indoor kids games in which you never know where the tail will be!

  • Help your kid by drawing and cutting out a monkey on paper without a tail.
  • Use another strip of paper to create the missing tail.
  • Pin up or tape up the monkey to the wall or a pin board at the same height as the players.
  • Each player will take a turn with a blindfold on.
  • Hand the tail once the blindfold is on and helps to spin the player thrice. Now ask the player to walk over to the monkey and pin the tail.
  • The player who places the tail closest to the monkey is the winner.

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18. Sleeping Lions:

A fun game for the little lions in the house!

  • Select two kids to act as hunters while the remaining players will be the Lions.
  • The Lions have to pretend that they are asleep while the hunters will try to make them laugh without touching them.
  • The Lions who laugh will become the hunters.
  • Keep playing till there is only one lion remaining, who will be the winner.

19. Guess Who:

This fun guessing game will keep the kids entertained for hours.

  • Make various paper chits, one for each player, and write the names of famous celebrities.
  • Use tape to stick one chit behind each player but make sure the players do not know who they are.
  • The players have to ask each other questions that will help them figure out who they are.
  • Players can only answer in a yes or no.

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20. Thimble Hunt:

A fun finding game!

  • One player will be chosen as ‘it’.
  • Give one card from a deck of cards to each player, except the ‘it.’ Ask them to memorize their card and keep it in their pocket.
  • The ‘it’ has to count to a certain number till the other players hide, after which ‘it’ will have to find the remaining players.
  • The player who is found has to show their card. If it has a king or queen, the player can assist the ‘it.’
  • If it is an ace, the player will get ten seconds to hide again with someone else.
  • If it is a number card, the player is out.
  • The player who remains hidden till the end will win.

Try out these fun indoor games for kids with your tots and their friends to make some great use of indoor time!

Does your kid have a favorite indoor game? Which one? Tell us here!

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