3 Important Precautions To Be Taken Once Your Water Breaks During Pregnancy

water break during pregnancy

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It is common knowledge that during pregnancy, your baby stays protected in your womb. Your baby is surrounded by amniotic fluid contained in a membrane sack. This fluid protects your fetus from infection during its growth and development.

The membrane sack is commonly referred to as the water bag. It tends to break once you enter your labor and the fluid flows down your cervix and through your vagina.

Many movies have shown pregnant women undergoing water break in public places with a deluge of fluid gushing out from between their legs. The actual event, however, is usually a little less dramatic!

When Will Water Break During Pregnancy?

In all probability, your water would not break till you have reached the 37th week of your pregnancy. After that, you run the chances of your amniotic sack breaking, signaling that your child is ready to be born.

There are three different stages when your water may break:

1. The most natural timing is when your pregnancy term is fully over and you are already in labor. This is referred to as Spontaneous Rupture of Membrane.

2. In many cases, the water breaks before the labor starts. This stage is called the Pre-labor Rupture of Membrane.

3.There is also the case where the water bag breaks even before you reach 37 weeks of pregnancy. This is referred to as Preterm Prelabor Rupture of Membrane.

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Keeping Track Of Your Water Break:

Once your water has broken, it signals that you are either already in labor or are about to enter into labor. In some cases the labor may not start before 12 to 24 hours.

Once your water breaks, your child is no longer protected by the amniotic sack. Though your body continues producing the required amount of amniotic fluid till you have delivered your baby, you need to consult your doctor immediately after your water breaks.

Keep a track of your water break once it happens, as your doctor would want to hear the symptoms. You need to:

1. Make sure that your water has broken and it is amniotic fluid that is leaking.

2. Keep calm and call your doctor to seek advice regarding the water break. You should immediately pay a visit to the doctor.

3. Ascertain the color of the discharge. This is very important.

4. Ideally the fluid should be odorless and pale yellow.

5. There may be some amount of blood when the water breaks initially. It is normal and you need not worry about it.

6. If the fluid discharged is brownish or greenish in color, it may mean that the baby has had its first bowel movement while in the womb. Seek medical help immediately.

7. Check for signs of fever accompanying your water break. Your doctor needs to know these details.

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Precautions To Be Taken Once Your Water Breaks During Pregnancy:

Do not go into a panic mode once your water breaks. It is quite a normal thing to happen. However, you do need to be careful about what you do next:

1. Remember that once your water breaks, your baby is exposed to the possibility of infections of any kind.

2. Infections from your vagina may travel upwards. Be careful to avoid them at all costs till you deliver your child.

3. Use sanitary napkins to keep your clothes clean. However, it is best to avoid a shower after the water breaks. Instead head for the hospital immediately for medical aid.

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Your water breaking may cause fluid to either flow in a gush or trickle down slowly. For every woman, the experience is different.

Be safe and ensure your baby’s health by being aware of what to expect and how to deal with waters breaking during pregnancy!

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    My experienced is different, after my water breaks within 45mins I deliver my son. With less of contractions.