10 Amazing Comic Books For Kids Under 12

Comic Books For Kids

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Remember those long drawn summer holidays when lounging under the tree and hungrily pouring over our favorite comic series used to be the perfect summer treat? Comic books offer you the perfect escape from reality! They have action, vibrant pictures, concise dialogue, and fantasy – everything that makes reading fun for kids (and adults alike)! The exhilaration of watching the good guy escape the sticky situation and thwart the cunning schemes can entice even the most distracted and preoccupied child. Besides, comics can also foster enjoyment and love of books in children.

But not all comic books are appropriate for children. Some contain violent and sexual content. So which one should you purchase for your kids? Like always, Mom Junction has come to your assistance. Below are the ten age-appropriate comic books for kids that you can consider giving to the young reader in your house.

10 Amazing Comic Books For Kids

1. Star Wars: Jedi Academy:

Comic Books For Kids - Star Wars Jedi Academy

New York Times, (and ours too) bestselling author, Jeffery Brown takes the children to a middle school in the galaxy in the comic book “Star Wars: Jedi Academy”. The story follows Roan’s experience at the Jedi Academy under the guidance of Master Yoda. It captures fun, humor, frustrations and awkwardness of Roan through his journal entries, doodles, comics and newspaper clippings.

“Star Wars: Jedi Academy” effectively hits the sweet spot, just like the other books of Jeffery Brown. It even allows the children to learn about the galactic aliens and the importance of soup for fending off the dark side. This comic book for children is a great way to help them learn new things and helps them to develop their imaginations.

Price: $7.39

Available At: Here

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2. Toon Books:

Comic Books For Kids - Toon Books

“Toon Books” is the best option for parents who are looking for quality comics for early readers. Started by comics power couple Art Spiegelman and Francoise Mouly, it is the only comic book that organizes publications by reading level. For early readers, their offering is spread across two levels, Brand New and Emerging Readers. Toon Books also publish comics for kids of 2nd and 3rd grade.

The content of the Toon Books bridges the gap between reading comics and reading picture books. The cute, anthropomorphic animals learning educational and moral lessons will definitely appeal to your child. Toon Books are available in both hardcover and softcover format in pretty much every bookstore. This is popular and best comic book for kids to read.

Price: $12.97

Available At: Here

3. Amulet:

Comic Books For Kids - Amulet

‘Amulet’ is the current best-selling comic book by Kazu Kibiushi. The story revolves around Emily, the protagonist, her brother Navin, her mother, Karen and rabbit robot Miskit residing in the magical universe with talking animals, robot, flying ships, elves, and monsters. Together, they face a terrifying monster and save the people they love.

Just like most of the comic books, even ‘Amulet’ starts with a sudden tragedy and then dives into the tug of war between good and evil. This compelling comic book for kids, with its colorful and vivid pictures, will engage and challenge the thinking abilities of your kid.

Price: $7.34

Available At: Here

4. Bone:

Comic Books For Kids - Bone

‘Bone’ is a masterpiece of this generation. The comic revolves around Bone and his cousins as they embark on fantasy adventures. All the characters have an excellent sense of humor, but also have a serious side. The story itself is funny, but maintains tension with shock and horror mixed in. In short, ‘Bone’ is comedy, horror, comedy, fantasy and adventure wrapped in the shell of comic artwork.

Price: $22

Available At: Here

5. Adventure Time:

Comic Books For Kids - Adventure Time

“Adventure Time” time is an adaptation of “Adventure Time TV series’,” a Cartoon Network show. The story is about Finn and his sidekick Jake living in the Lands of Ooo and having crazy and surreal adventures. Lich, a lame and scary skeleton dude, returns to the Land of Ooo and wants destruction. Finn, Jake, and Bubblegum are in charge of the case. So will they succeed against their foe?

The comic book has plenty of battle burns, fist bumps, and odd, subversive comedy. Kids will adore Jake’s putty-like body that they can mold and stretch into various forms. This is one of the best comic books for kids

Price: $9.87

Available At: Here

6. The Legion of Super-Heroes in the 31st Century:

Comic Books For Kids - The Legion of Super-Heroes in the 31st Century

After hitting the high notes on the CW channel, Johnny DC has launched a comic book series to accompany it. “The Legion of Super-Heroes” narrates the story of the Legion, a society of superheroes banded together to save the universe from the threats. They even call upon Superman to the future fight the Fatal Five from destroying Metropolis. The comic book has intense action and mild violence, so we’d suggest you to buy your tween or teen.

Price: $14.91

Available At: Here

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7. Owly:

Comic Books For Kids - Owly

Andy Runton’s ‘Owly’ comic book lets the pictures do the talking. Most of the part of the comic book is wordless, but sometimes uses word balloons containing pictures instead of words. There may not be many words, but Runton’s illustrations will give you and the little one a lot to think and talk about.

The stories of ‘Owly’ centers on loyalty, friendship, innocence and nature and are completely devoid of violence, making it appropriate for children.

Price: $2.91

Available At: Here

8. Mouse Guard:

Comic Books For Kids - Runaways

If you want to teach your kids about bravery and courage, then you must introduce him to “Mouse Guard” by David Peterson. This distinct comic book is set in the world of mice living in a medieval era. The stories revolve around the fellowship of mice, who pledge to serve their fellow mice in times of need. The mice with swords and capes risk their lives and work together to bring down the giant enemies. They defend the mice territories from threats like weasels, crabs, foxes and even larger creatures. And whatever they do, they do it with fearless dedication. Isn’t that incredibly cool?

Price: $20.03

Available At: Here

9. Runaways:

Comic Books For Kids - Runaways

What would you do if you found out that your parents belonged to a secret criminal organization? That’s what happens to the six teenagers, named Nico, Molly, Gert, Chase, Alex, Karoline whose lives take an unexpected turn when they discover the dark side of their parents. These teens then run away from home and wow to the turn the table of their evil legacy. They make a gripping plot to save their parents.

The best part of this comic book is the characterization and excellent storytelling. It has a freshness that makes it a good comic books for kids of all ages.

Price: $13.28

Available At: Here

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10. Archie:

Comic Books For Kids - Archie

Last, but not the least, we have “Archie”, one of the kid friendly comic books for people of all ages. Archie, Betty, Veronica, Betty and their Riverdale High gang are around 75 years old now, but still delight us in the same way as they did when they were created in 1941.

The “Archie” comics are very lighthearted, just like you find in the Sunday Funnies. It’s about Archie, the protagonist as he navigates the pressures of high school. The best part is that kids will get plenty of comics to choose from.

Price: $10.58

Available At: Here

We’re sure that your children will love digging in these comic books. Which one was your most favorite comic books for children? Share your childhood days and reading experience with us by commenting below!

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