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A Test to Take: How High Is Your Food IQ

A Test to Take

Do you know what keeps diseases and infections away from your child? The immune system, of course! The stronger your child’s immunity, the healthier he or she will be. And for that, you need to give the kid the right kind of foods, those that support and improve immunity levels in the body. So here’s […]

Heart Rate In Children: What Is Normal And What Is Not

Heart Rate In Children What Is Normal And What Is Not

Jump to: Normal Heart Rate In Children Arrhythmia In Children Types of Arrhythmia Tachycardia Bradycardia Symptoms and Treatment of Arrhythmia When And How To Check A Child’s Pulse Rate Imagine this. A live band is playing your child’s favorite song. Just as he starts to enjoy it, they start to go off-rhythm! The beats are […]

Glorious Facts About Seven Wonders Of The World For Kids

Seven Wonders Of The World For Kids

Jump to: New Seven Wonders of The World Ancient Wonders of The World Other Seven Wonders Massive triangular structures made without any modern equipment. Statues as tall as giants from fairy tales. Exquisite architecture with intricate detailing that stuns even the best artists. Picturesque harbors, forests, and mountain ranges that take your breath away. That’s […]

Age-Old Baby Skin Myths Busted

Age-Old Baby Skin Myths Busted

It was the time when Radha came home from hospital with her newborn. Visitors would drop in, see the baby, comment on who he resembles, and leave. But before going, they all would give some advice or the other – : “Do not bathe the baby,” one would say. “Give oil massage, scrub with homemade […]

15 Signs And Symptoms Of Dehydration In Children

Dehydration In Children1

Jump to: Stages Of Dehydration Symptoms of Dehydration What Causes Dehydration Diagnosis And Assessment Treatment And Home Remedies Preventing Dehydration Sweat, urine, and tears. These are some of the forms in which we lose the water in our body. Typically, a child weighing 10kg loses around 1,000ml or one-liter water every day (1). The average […]

Eczema In Children: Its Causes, Symptoms And Prevention

Eczema In Children

Jump To: What Causes Eczema In Children? Signs And Symptoms Of Eczema Eczema Prevention And Diagnosis Eczema Treatment And Home Remedies Charlie had red lesions on his hands and scaly, red rashes on the elbow. He had an itch and wanted to scratch, but remembered what his mom said, “Scratch it and it will stay.” […]